From the desk of Johnny Holiday

From The Desk of Johnny Holiday

Hollywood USA


At the time of this writing, I am just starting to address various matters unrelated to our program which will unfortunately compel us to postpone future shows in the near term. Rest assured, however, that we will all be back bringing you top flight talent, our wonderful orchestra under the direction of Dean Mora, and of course the Satin Dollz Pin Up Dancers, who are sensational!  Frankly, I am very proud of the people who have worked so hard to make our program a success.  These volunteers are good friends, one and all. Again, we will be back!

I was delighted with the feedback from our most recent program featuring my special guest star Johnny Crawford, who certainly outdid himself singing so many of the old favorites from the golden era of popular music.  Johnny, a wonderful guy and someone for whom I have great respect, did us all a favor by bringing his authentic vocal styling to our program, and for this we are very grateful.  We will soon have some clips on our website for you to see from that show, so stay tuned.  It was also marvelous to have Miss Toni Prima surprise us with a few songs, and equally grand to see the Jive Aces in the audience, along with many fine friends.  I told Toni that she could sing on any show I ever do, and I hope she will when I return.

Looking back, I am so grateful to have hosted a great many talented friends on our program – from Mickey Rooney to Michael Feinstein.  We have had the Mills Brothers, Cassie Miller, Mather Louth, Laura Dickinson, Chester Whitmore, Jan Rooney, Michelle Lee, Stefanie Powers, Jennifer Keith, the Lindy Sisters, Richard Halpern, Russ Wilson, Dinah Steward, Sergio Vellatti, Emily Bergl, Robert Picardo, the Rhythm Boys, Courtney Freed, Rebecca Johnson, Jennifer Shelton, Gina Eckstein, and the list goes on and on…so many wonderful artists… 

One of the goals I have had for our program is to expose our audiences to new voices, new talent, and to people who deserve to be showcased in front of a live orchestra and an audience.  I recall so many years ago how heady that experience was when I was a youngster. In the future, I hope to have a nice mix of seasoned professionals, as well as folks whom I think you might enjoy hearing.  Los Angeles is chock full of talented kids, and we have so few places for them to perform. I had my turn so long ago, and I want to make sure others get the same leg up that I did.  

After our last show, I spoke to so many wonderful people who were new to our program, and I was so grateful to meet and greet them. This only adds to the regret I have in shutting things down for a while, but again, I have procrastinated too long in addressing other issues and now, I really have no choice.  

I hope you all know how much your messages and invitations mean to me personally.  Let me say that I find it most gratifying that you and others have sent me requests for songs, or have asked me to make appearances at your functions. I assure you that we will get back to you very soon.  Time does pass so quickly these days, and while I will be away for a time, I have every intention of continuing with our fine program. When the time is right, I will let you know.  For now, my thanks to all for your kindness and support.  Be sure to keep visiting our website for new videos, updates and pictures. 

Until next time, so long for now!